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Introduction to the iGeneration

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Introduction to the iGeneration


Teaching the iGeneration begins with an examination of the changing nature of today's students and the changing expectations that society holds for schools.  The central argument in the introduction is that effective 21st Century teachers build a bridge between what our students know about new tools and what we know about good teaching. The materials included on this resource page are used by Bill Ferriter to reinforce those key points during workshops that he conducts around teaching with technology.  




An Open Letter to Educators


In February of 2010, Dan Brown dropped out of college, arguing that schooling was getting in the way of his education and that if educators aren't ready to change, society will move on without them.  Watch Dan's Open Letter to Educators and use this handout to reflect on his core argument that schools are failing to prepare kids for the world that they will inherit.





Joe's Non-Netbook


Another interesting video that can serve to challenge thinking around just what today's students want and need was created by a group of high schoolers at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.  Titled Joe’s Non-Netbook, it seeks to make a commentary on the quality of resources that students have available to them in most public schools.  Watch Joe's Non-Netbook with partners and then use the handout titled The People Formerly Known as the Audience to guide your reflections. 





What Will YOU Take Away From These Lessons?


Now that you have spent a few minutes examining the characteristics of today's learners, it's time to do a little bit of reflecting. Consider these questions:


How do today’s students differ from students in previous generations? What words best describe today’s students? How are those words different from the words that would have best described students from previous generations? Do today’s students have strengths that previous generations didn’t have? How about weakness?

Another question: Just what skills DO our students need to master in order to be effective and efficient learners?" Are the skills that students need to master today significantly different than the skills that students needed to master in the past?


Finally, what impact has the changing nature of our students and our world had on what you do as a teacher?






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