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Teaching the iGeneration Support Wiki 


Session Wiki Address:   http://plugusin.pbworks.com

Quick Guide to Web 2.0 Tools:  http://bit.ly/TIGquickguide     



Developing literate citizens capable of successfully participating in a knowledge-driven, democratic society has long been one of the fundamental pillars of our K12 educational system.  To that end, public and private schools alike have traditionally focused on helping students to master familiar sets of basic skills in core subjects like reading and math that have always defined successful individuals.


Being literate in the 21st Century, however, depends on much more than a simple mastery of reading and math.  To succeed in tomorrow’s world, today’s students need to develop fluency with the kinds of habits, behaviors and digital tools that can make learners more knowledgeable, efficient and effective participants in society (NCTE, 2008; Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2008; Common Core State Standards, 2010). 


They must able to manage – and judge the reliability of – multiple streams of information at once.  They must recognize that they can build networks with others who share similar passions and begin to see conversations as opportunities to challenge and be challenged.  They must find ways to solve complex problems together, to raise their voices around issues that matter, and to leverage the power of persuasion to drive positive change in their communities.


And despite growing up connected, they can’t do this work alone.  It is up to teachers to build a bridge between what students already know about technology and what we know about learning – a process introduced by Solution Tree author and full-time classroom teacher Bill Ferriter in Teaching the iGeneration.


This wiki serves two purposes:  


First, it is designed to be a reference tool for readers of Teaching the iGeneration.  As Bill discovers new tools and develops new handouts around using technology to introduce essential skills in the classroom, he will post those tools and handouts here.  While the resources in the print version of Teaching the iGeneration will someday be obsolete, the resources in this digital companion wiki will always be updated.  


Second, it is designed as a reference tool for participants in Bill's two-day Teaching the iGeneration workshops.  Participants in that workshop will explore the content stored in this wiki in great detail as they explore the characteristics of today's learners, examine new expectations for literate citizens, review the essential skills that today's students must master in order to succeed in tomorrow's world, and experiment with the role that digital tools can play in making students more efficient and effective learners.




Wiki Resources:


Introduction to the iGeneration

Exploring Information Management

Exploring Collaborative Dialogue

Exploring Verbal Persuasion

Exploring Visual Persuasion

Exploring Collaborative Problem Solving

Planning Your Own Project

Interesting Technology Videos

Helping Participants

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